Mr Sascha Birch

I had been suffering from allergies/hayfever/dust-mites/housemite for many years and I was taking a lot of antihistermine tablets and over the counter/prescription nasal spray to ease my symptoms.

My symptoms which often last all year round included nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itching throat and I would regularly make a noise which drove everyone mad whereby I’d scratch my throat (internally) and clear my throat and nose.

I found this embarrassing as it would often happen in public and people would stare at me.
This had become such a habit for me I didn’t notice how annoying it was and even worse I had no control over it.

From the moment I met Carol she knew what the cause of my symptoms ware, and she ran various blood tests.

She immediately made some adjustments to my diet and I also had to change my aftershave to something more naturial and I saw immediate results. The blood tests later confirmed what Carol initially thought about my food allergies.

I found Carol to be very knowledgeable, empathetic and effective.

I only needed to see Carol twice and my life changed forever – I know the triggers of my allergies and which foods and aftershave to completely avoid.

I would like to thank Carol for all her help and support.



I was eventually after years of misdiagnosis diagnosed with crones disease 20 years ago and despite having 2 Bowel operations and many flare ups never really had it under control…



My name is Maria and I am 26 years old. Up to last year I was fit, healthy, full of energy and was living life like any normal young adult. In February 2010…



After a decade of heart palpitations and failed diagnosis, as well as bloating and fatigue, Carole resolved the issue in just a few appointments. Her advice and instructions have changed my life.



Since seeing Lisa I feel full of ‘get up and go’, not tired and lethargic anymore. I’m ready for anything!


Little Chalfont

I feel great! I have more energy, better sleep and much better digestion. Lisa has been a wonderful mentor and motivator.



At the end of Carole’s treatments in March 2011, all the spots, sores, and open wounds had healed…


Little Chalfont

I feel so much better, healthier, confident – not tired or bloated all the time!


Cape Town

The best thing was beating the chocolate craving and gaining awareness of what the wrong foods do to my body. I am more energetic. Lisa is fantastic!


Chalfont St Giles

I would like to thank Lisa for introducing me to a wonderful new way of living. To say my husband and I feel brilliant is an understatement.

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