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It has been suggested that the supermarket of today will be the pharmacy of tomorrow. Such statements have been derived from recognition of our increasing ability to optimize nutrition, and maintain a state of good health through longer periods of life. The new field of nutrigenomics, which focuses on the interaction between bioactive dietary components and the genome, recognizes that current nutritional guidelines may be ideal for only a relatively small proportion of the population.
L. Ferguson, Molecular Diagnostic Therapeutics 2006

The global food allergy and intolerance products market is projected to exceed $26 billion by 2017, according to a new report from The sector’s explosive growth is expected to continue due to increased diagnosis of digestive health conditions, growing interest for wheat-free and gluten-free diets, improved labelling regulations, and tastier innovations in the category.

Unfortunately much of the gluten free food currently on the market is focussed on taste and being “free from”, without considering whether or not it is health promoting. Health promotion and disease prevention is a growing trend, and it is apparent that “the supermarket of today will be the pharmacy of tomorrow.”

Many gluten free foods imported from the US state “free from corn, potato starch, soya and dairy.” There is a reason why – research has shown that these ingredients can also be problematic for gluten intolerant and coeliac individuals.

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